Quick Start Program

At Hanmoore we understand that taking your first step to start your financial journey can be challenging.  That is what we have developed the Quick Start Program.

This program is specificially designed for those people who want to start organising their affairs and need assistance with :

  • Budget Planning
  • Minimising credit card debt
  • Saving for a house or an investment property
  • Understanding superannuation options
  • Protecting yourself and your assets
  • Taking advantage of the tax concessions and rebates available

We can provide you with a clear plan that will ensure you :

  • Understand where you are spending your money
  • Maximise your savings capacity
  • Establish a savings plan to meet your investment goals quicker
  • Have control over your superannuation monies
  • Are protected should you suffer an illness or accident
  • Structure your tax affairs in the most efficient manner

For more information about this program please contact our office.