Review of 2019, Outlook for 2020

Please click the link below to view Shane Oliver's review of investment markets for 2019, and outlook for 2020.

Key points raised are :

  • 2019 saw growth slow, recession fears increase and the US trade wars ramp up.  Investment returns were solid as monetary policy eased, bond yields fell and demand for unlisted assets remained strong.
  • 2020 is likely to see global growth pick up with monetary policy remaining easy.  Expect the Reserve Bank to cut the cash rate in Australia to 0.25% and to undertake quantitative easing 
  • Against this backdrop share markets are likely to see reasonable but more constrained and volatile returns.  Bond yields are likely to back up resulting in good but more modest returns from a diversified mix of assets.
  • The main things to keep an eye on are
    • the trade wars
    • the US election
    • global growth
    • Chinese growth
    • fiscal versus monetary stimulus in Australia