What's in store for investors in 2024?


Please click here to read our research department's 2023 investment returns summary and thoughts on what to expect in 2024.

Key points raised are :

The 5 key themes for 2023 were :

  • better than expected growth
  • disinflation
  • peak interest rates (probably in Australia too)
  • lots of geopolictical threats but not as bad as feared and
  • AI hit the big time

This boosted shares and helped bonds with solid superannuation fund returns.

2024 is likely to see positive returns helped by failing interest rates but they are likely to be more constrained given likely volatility associated with the risk of recession. 

Things to keep an eye on are :

  • inflation
  • interest rates
  • recession risk
  • China risks
  • US politics and
  • the Australian consumer