2023-24 investment returns


Please click here to view our research department's summary of the 2023-24 investment returns and the future outlook for markets.

Key points raised are :

  • 2023-24 provided another year of strong returns for investors as shares were boosted by falling inflation, central banks pivoting towards rate cuts (although this is lagging in Australia) and economic conditions were better than feared.
  • More central banks moving to interest rate cuts early next year should provide support for investment markets
  • However, balanced growth super fund returns over the year ahead are likely to be more constrained at around 6-7%, compared to 9% over the last year.
  • Expect markets to be more volatile with a high risk of a correction in the months ahead as valuations have deteriorated, recession risks remain high and geopolitical risks are high
  • The key is to adopt and maintain a long term strategy and turn down the noise from short term factors.